What to expect hearing test for adults.

As people age, hearing loss becomes more likely. This is why doctors recommend getting a hearing test. The hearing test is done to ensure your ears are working well. Experts recommend that for adults aged 50 years and below, a test should be done after 10 years then afterward it is done after every 3 years.

Why a hearing test?

Not all people realize that they have a hearing problem, this is because hearing loss is a gradual process. It will take someone a hearing test to realize that they have a hearing process. When people complain of you raising TV volume too high when you find it hard while hearing people in a crowd or you suspect that you have a hearing loss. This is when the Hearing test is crucial.

What happens during the test?

The process of hearing test takes about 30 minutes, the process is not painful. Normally, an adult is asked to wear earphones and listen to short tones, played at different volumes and pitches at a time. If you can comfortably hear the sounds, high-pitched and low-pitched, it means you do not have a hearing loss. However, if you can’t hear some sounds quiet or loud sounds mean you have a hearing loss in one or both ears.

In another test, you are requested to put on your earphones and listen to speeches from different people in different places. A low tone speech or a high tone speech. The audiologist will decide where you can listen from, either a noisy room or from a quiet room. Once you listen to the speech, they will ask you to repeat the words.

How to interpret the results.

Normally, a hearing test is not a pass or fail test. The test results will show whether you have a hearing loss or not. It will also indicate whether it is in one ear or both. The audiologist will tell whether it is severe or not this is just showing how much you have lost your hearing.


To avoid hearing loss, doctors recommend staying away from unnecessary noise. If you work in a noisy environment, then it is recommended to wear earplugs or earmuffs.

protection auditive Audiologie Centre Ouest is an ideal place for hearing tests. Especially for musicians, they take very important steps to protect your hearing adequately. This ensures you have the best ear quality, protected from complications like tinnitus.

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