Advantages Of Medical Equipment Maintenance Management

It is of great importance to guarantee the continuous availability of the hospital service and increase and improve the positive impact of the safety and effectiveness that the health services must provide.

It is possible to increase the useful life of medical equipment and provide essential information for its correct management.

Maintenance of medical devices is achieved through proper coordination and operations, all of them protected and taking care of the environment.

It manages to maintain hospital assets within a profitable environment, as it seeks the long-term conservation of medical devices.

The hospital equipment is kept functioning optimally without running the risk of technical problems arising during some surgical procedures.

Greater safety is provided to patients who depend on medical devices and the person who must work with them daily.

It helps determine which is the best equipment depending on the new technologies available in the market.

Trained technical team familiar with the use and necessary repairs of the equipment can be hired.

Disadvantages of poor management in the maintenance of hospital equipment

Many disadvantages can arise when a hospital facility does not have adequate maintenance management, among them we mention:

Acquisition of faulty equipment and not suitable for the needs that arise at the time.

Difficulty in obtaining spare parts for hospital equipment.

Maintenance managers cannot ensure that equipment meets established safety standards, putting staff and patients’ lives at risk.

Unauthorized or trained personnel may be hired to perform repairs on innovative medical equipment.

Another important aspect in maintenance management is knowing and ensuring that all healthcare employees who use this equipment know the correct way of use and are competent in it. Otherwise, they could cause damage to the equipment and the patient.

Each of these devices must function according to the manufacturer’s specification standards, and the equipment that manages to pass the inspections must be labeled as such. Teams that, on the contrary, do not pass the tests must be labeled.

It is important to remember that it is also necessary to verify that electrically everything works perfectly to provide a safe environment for patients, staff, and visitors within proper maintenance.

It should be noted that when new innovative equipment is purchased, even suppliers can request that the medical and maintenance team be trained in the subject to avoid future inconveniences with the machines. It is ideal to purchase from a known supplier such as KARL STORZ OR1 SYSTEM amongst others.

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