What Are The Available Holistic Root Canal Options?

A root canal is a dental treatment option your dentist recommends after you develop a tooth issue beyond repair. However, after treatment, you may develop severe pain, and the root canal may fail to eliminate all of the infection. Instead of going through such pain, a holistic root canal New York may offer a better alternative than the traditional root canal. Several holistic approaches include using zirconia implants, oxygen-ozone therapy, and calcium hydroxide. The following discussion will give you insight into how some holistic root canal options work.

Calcium Hydroxide

Your dentist can recommend rinsing your infected tooth with calcium hydroxide, which can deter bacterial growth in your teeth canals. Calcium hydroxide has a high pH, can dissolve tissue, has antimicrobial activity, and can prevent teeth resorption. Also, the alkaline substance can reverse teeth resorption through complex tissue formation. All these components of calcium hydroxide make it successful for your dentist to perform a successful root canal in up to two visits.

Extraction and Placement of Zirconia Implants

Your dentist may recommend extracting your tooth after a failed root canal and replacing it with an implant. You may need holistic extraction using metal-free zirconia implants if you have significant tooth decay. Zirconia implants are the most biocompatible dental implants your doctor will use after extracting your tooth. You may require only one visit for the extraction and implant placement, but your doctor may also recommend having the implant in another treatment session. You will experience no pain during the implant placement, and the procedure will be fast and easy. You may then wait to return for your dental check-up months later, per your dentist’s recommendation.

Ozone Oxygen Gas Therapy

During this procedure, your dentist introduces oxygen into your system to disinfect the area and produce an oxidative burst that destroys agents causing dental decay. As a result, you will experience increased blood flow and a boost to your healing response. You can benefit from this holistic procedure because there are no risks of allergic reactions, and treatment will not negatively interfere with your existing medications. Since the process uses gas, it will reach all your tiny tooth areas that liquid treatment may not reach, thus resulting in a very sterile system. Also, flooding ozone gas over a sensitive dental area will harden the structure and cause less sensitivity.

Natural Remedies

You can choose natural remedies as an alternative to root canal therapy. You must maintain a healthy diet that promotes good oral health to prevent dental infections. Your dentist may recommend eating high-quality protein, eliminating processed sugars from your meals, and avoiding grain that may force you to deal with infections. However, a healthier lifestyle will not reverse already damaged decayed teeth, especially if the damage is extensive and has led to severe decay.

A holistic root canal uses more biocompatible materials for treatment and may be a good fit if you are allergic and sensitive to a conventional root canal. Before your dentist schedules your treatment, you will have an evaluation session where your doctor will determine your suitability and select the best approach for you. With a holistic root canal, you may require only one treatment session and then wait for your check-up visit to check your treatment progress. An approach like oxygen ozone can permeate below your gum line and create a very sterile system.

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