5 Services You Can Enjoy From Hospice-Related Care

Do you have a loved one nearing the end of life because of old age, making normal activities around the house difficult? You can seek support for them at this period of their life so they can enjoy a comfortable and normal life despite their condition. At blessings4ever home care agency, various services are available for your loved one to help them in every possible way. You can ask for dressing assistance, personal hygiene care, companionship service if you are busy at most times, and meal assistance, among other services. Here is a discussion on some hospice-related care services.

Meal Assistance

You can benefit from meal assistance if you are an older adult living at home but struggle with grocery shopping, do not enjoy cooking, and have difficulty making meals. You can ask for meal assistance, where your provider will arrive after you schedule an appointment and may come with grocery shopping at your ask. Next, your provider will cook your desired food and help you eat if you cannot eat alone. Meal assistance will save you time, offer you companionship, and reduce the risk of injuries in the kitchen.

Mobility Assistance

Aging may cause diseases that limit your mobility, so you may be unable to move around your home easily without assistance. Also, you can ask for mobility assistance if you have a disability or injury that makes moving around the house difficult. With mobility assistance, you will have a reduced risk of falls and injuries, easier movement, and less pain. Your provider will assist you with using a cane and a wheelchair, assist in standing, going for walks, and using the bathroom.

Medication Support

Are you struggling with remembering your medications? Hospice-related care offers medication support which involves reminders about your medications and ensuring you take the right medications with the correct dosage. You can also ask your provider to help you pick up your prescriptions from the doctor. As a result, you will avoid skipping doses and overdoses and reduce the risk of medical complications, improving your wellness. You can ask for medication support depending on the frequency of taking and picking up your prescriptions.

Incontinence Care

Hospice-related care also includes care for older adults who struggle with getting to the bathroom on time, have poor personal hygiene, and have frequent incontinence accidents. You can ask for assistance with sitting on a toilet and help with your medical catheter to avoid messes.

Dressing Assistance

You can benefit from dressing assistance if you have physical disabilities that may make dressing difficult. Pain from old age injuries may also cause difficulties in dressing. You can call at any time of the day to ask for dressing assistance.

As one approaches their end of life, they may be limited to many activities, including moving around the house. And if you are busy at work during the day and cannot attend to them, you can call for hospice-related care. Hospice services ensure your loved one gets the personal support they need for a pleasant end-of-life experience. You can ask for mobility assistance to help them move in and out of the house comfortably. You can talk to your provider about the different services available to your loved one at any time of the day.

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