These 5 reasons are perfect to choose an in-ear system for singers

One of the major challenges for any live performer is the noise pollution around. The crowd cheering the singer and the loud music around doesn’t let the singer focus on his/her track and stay in tune with his/her singing. Personal monitoring is the key to ensure that the singer is in sync with his/her music and the musicians.

On-stage experience is different from a recording studio. Thus, Audiologie Centre-Ouest manoeuvre de Epley and similar brands have come up with an amazing range of in-ear systems. Moreover, these in-ear monitors can overcome the barriers of traditional floor monitor system. The typical way of sound engineers warning you of too loud or too low volume can be overcome with the usage of in-ear monitors.

Follow these 5 reasons to choose a perfect in-ear system for singers:

  1. Balanced volume:

One of the common concerns singers share with monitor engineers is if they can turn up the volume for them. Sometimes, amidst the live performance giving signals and signs become difficult. It becomes challenging for most singers to listen to themselves with the noise level of musicians and

  1. Better communication:

An in-ear system should have clarity of the vocals. With addition of sounds of instruments, the monitor mix can be increasingly disturbing during a live performance. Without a perfect one if would be difficult to sing in sync with the other instruments.

  1. Ear protection:

High sound pressures for a longer period can cause hearing loss. Some performers take extra precautions to protect their hearing ability. Thus, they look for branded and good quality in-ear monitor system. These systems have silicone covering to give you maximum sound without destroying the ears.

  1. Reduces stress on vocals:

Good quality in-ear systems reduce vocal stress for performers. Due to lack of a few features in monitor systems, singers are forced to sing loud than in normal conditions. This can be harmful for the voice too. A well-protected in-ear system can help vocalists to continue singing with comfort for long.

  1. Personalized monitoring:

Systems like the ones from Audiologie Centre-Ouest manoeuvre de Epley have distinct benefits that other monitor systems lack. These give a personalized monitor experience and a stereo listening ability.

Find out more about these easy to use stereo personal monitor systems that can be plugged in ears and you are all set to perform!

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Lisa Schiller