5 Surprising Causes of High Cholesterol in Healthy Persons

Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells. However, high cholesterol levels in your blood put you at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Your diet and lifestyle play a crucial role in balancing HDL and LDL. LDL is the “bad cholesterol” that blocks your arteries when available in increased levels. Ideally, a healthy person will have higher amounts of HDL than LDL. Sometimes even for a seemingly healthy person, you may have high cholesterol, as Boynton Beach high cholesterol experts note. There are myriad causes of blood cholesterol, but some are cut across for healthy and unhealthy persons. Knowing the causes can help you nix high cholesterol early on.

1. Stress

Despite living a healthy lifestyle, stress occasionally accosts us. Stressful work situations, family drama, and more causes of emotional stress trigger your body to release cortisol, adrenaline, and other hormones that raise your risk of HDL. Increased hormone levels due to stress causes your body to produce more cholesterol and increase blood sugar levels. Since high blood sugar levels go hand in hand with high cholesterol, you will likely have high cholesterol and blood fats over time.

2. Medication

Some pills may have unexpected side effects, such as increased cholesterol levels. Antivirals for HIV/AIDS, birth control pills, and some forms of beta blockers can potentially increase your cholesterol levels. If you suspect the drugs you are taking cause high cholesterol, talk to your doctor and find an alternative. The benchmark numbers for healthy HDL levels are 60mg/dl, while LDL is 100 mg/dl.

3. Genetics

Studies show that a disposition towards high blood cholesterol despite living a healthy life may be associated with genes. Admittedly, if your family line has a history of high cholesterol, you will likely develop high cholesterol. Risk factors and dietary plans determine whether you will get high HDL; it does not entirely depend on genes. Genetic testing can help you identify the markers for high HDL early on and help you curate a healthy lifestyle plan.

4. Pregnancy

Before welcoming your bundle of joy, your body will undergo hormonal changes. During the gestation period, hormone fluctuations cause your body to increase cholesterol or lower it depending on your lifestyle. Typically, your cholesterol levels may shoot up to 50% higher in the second and third trimesters than usual. Eating for two and hormone fluctuations during pregnancy is not the best combination. Instead, eat healthy foods and have regular prenatal visits to ensure you are healthy.

5. Underactive thyroid gland

Your body converts excess calories you don’t need into triglycerides that are stored in your fat cells. The thyroid hormone uses energy from triglycerides to convert cholesterol into healthy cells. However, having an underactive thyroid gland means thyroid hormone is produced in small amounts; therefore, cholesterol builds up in your body. Hypothyroidism can also cause heightened cholesterol levels.

While watching your diet and staying active help you maintain optimal cholesterol levels in your body, it is sometimes not enough. Some causes of high cholesterol may be unwarranted such as taking certain medications. It is important to note that smoking does not increase cholesterol levels but decreases the “good” or HDL cholesterol in your body. Certain causes, such as genetics, need extra intervention to manage. If you want to restore optimal cholesterol levels, cholesterol medications offered by cholesterol experts help supplement your lifestyle changes toward a healthy lifestyle.

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Chiara Brunner