Chronic Back Pain in Minneapolis: Why It Occurs and How to Relieve It

Chronic back pain can come as a constant, dull ache. It can affect your quality of life and you may wonder how it occurred. However, chronic spine pain minneapolis can be due to underlying conditions. While you can have back pain after a fall or making an awkward movement, it is not the root cause of the issue. 

When is Back Pain Considered Chronic?

Typically, symptoms of chronic back pain do not appear instantly. In fact, you experience them gradually for a long time. Back pain is considered chronic when you deal with the symptoms for at least six months. Because of this, engaging in physical activity can be hard or even impossible.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Usually, people believe that chronic back issues result from an injury or one event. However, some underlying conditions can contribute to this pain. These include the following:

  • Muscle atrophy. This condition takes place when the muscles in your back are not strong and stable enough to support your body properly. This can eventually result in wear and tear. Muscle atrophy is often a result of too much inactivity and aging. Being inactive can lead to muscle shrinkage and weakening. 
  • Improper posture. Your spine can be compromised because of bad habits, which can strain the soft tissues that surround the spine. Repeated stress will cause a breakdown of your spine’s structural components. 

Although posture is a part of your movements, your work environment has a significant impact. Proper posture is essential to avoid chronic back pain if you tend to make repetitive movements or regular lifting at work. 

  • Aging and genetics. With age, your body goes through changes. You may experience aches and pains more frequently than before. Also, your muscles may become weaker and you may lose spinal disc space. Other conditions that cause chronic back pain can accelerate aging.
  • Overuse and repeated daily activities. Did you know that what you do every day can significantly affect how much stress your body has to deal with? Daily activities such as sitting for a long time and lifting objects can cause chronic back pain.  The same is true with repetitive motion activities like typing and bending over. You can also experience chronic back pain when you sleep in an awkward position. 

If you have been dealing with chronic back pain, you should explore possible treatment options. If you want long-term relief from pain, discuss surgery with your doctor. If you want to live your best life, free yourself from pain.  

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Carina Prinz