When Seeing a Gynecologist About Different Subjects, What Questions Should you Ask?

A woman requires special health and attention to take care of their body. It changes at every stage of life when it comes to women’s bodies. She may experience changes related to sexual health and her reproductive organs. Thankfully, gynaecologists are there to provide you with healthcare tips and make you navigate health concerns. 

However, while visiting your gynaecologist, it is essential to ask them the listed questions on different subjects for your better understanding:

1- Queries about Sex

1.1- Why does it pain during sex?

It is a rare case to happen, yet many women experience pain during sex. There are various reasons why women experience pain during intercourse. Such conditions include infection, thinning of the vagina walls, or insufficient lubrication. If you do not get it treated, you may face bigger issues like STI, which may include painful urination or vaginal discharge. 

1.2- What are my options for protection?

If you’re looking for safe and protected sex, there are various options to prevent pregnancy or STI. The most common protection option is birth barrier control through condoms, control pills, and long-lasting reversible contraceptives. It is better to ask the gynaecologist which preventive measure will suit your body. 

1.3- How can I know if I have STI?

If you have STI, through treatment, you can be treated. During intercourses, you can get an STI. Even after using condoms, there are still chances of getting STIs. Though they are asymptomatic, it is better to discuss this with your gynaecologist about this.

2- Queries about Menstruation

2.1- Why do I have irregular or frequent periods?

An irregular menstrual cycle is common for many women, but the fluctuations can cause serious conditions. While the irregularities reflect upon the lifestyle, it comes with age, and you should not be too concerned about it. However, the best gynaecologist in Pune can find the best effective solution for your problem. 

2.2- How often should I be menstruating?

It is very important to know the correct period of the menstruation cycle. Generally, periods happen once a month. It is a concern if a woman misses one or two months of menstruation. This could be a sign of pregnancy, stress, or other lifestyle changes. You must keep track of your menstruation cycle and be very clear about how often you should be menstruating. 

2.3- Is abdominal pain during the period normal?

Generally, during period bleeding lasts from 2-5 days. The menstrual cycle can be accompanied by cramping, fatigue, mood swings, or lower back pain. If your pain during your menstrual cycle is bearable, it is normal. However, extreme and acute pain can be followed by some other problems. It is better to consult the best gynaecologist in Pune regarding this.

To sum it up:

Consulting with your gynaecologist can help you in many ways. The best way to help is to be open and honest with your healthcare provider. It becomes a little uncomfortable to talk about your private parts with someone you don’t know. However, the gynaecologist can make you feel friendly so that you can openly discuss your problems. For more details please visit our website

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