When is the Time for Knee Replacement? 

Knee joints are important, and we need to keep them healthy. But, there are times when there is damage in the knee, and for this, knee replacement surgery is recommended by doctors. In this surgery, the metal or plastic cartilage replaces the worn-out part and helps the knees work better easily. 

There are myths that knee replacement should be avoided, but as per doctors, it is dangerous to avoid knee replacement. So, let’s analyze when doctors recommend knee replacement. However, you must visit some specialist centers like Mitchell Hip and Knee for serious recommendations for severe pain. 

When is the time for knee replacement surgery? 

Severe pain

If there is a pain in your knee and you have started non-surgical treatments but there is no effect on the pain, you can consult doctors for surgery. In non-surgical treatments, there are physical exercises, medications and injections. But if all these do not work and the pain increases or remains the same, your doctors might recommend surgery. 

Swollen and Stiff Knees

If continuous swollen and stiff knees hinder your daily chores, you can consult doctors for surgery. Knee replacement helps to remove the damaged part and puts you at ease in doing your daily chores. This ease of work is important for knees to keep them safe and secure. Thus, surgery is recommended by doctors. 

If Knee Hurts while Resting

It is mainly found that there is a pain in the knee when you do any physical task. But when you are taking rest and still have pain in your knees, it is high time that you consult a doctor for knee replacement surgery. 

Legs are Bowing In and Out

When there is a damaged part in your knee, the leg structure gets disturbed, and therefore, it hurts while walking or doing any task. Knee replacement replaces the damaged part; therefore, you can eliminate the problem in your leg structure. 

Arthritis is Increasing

If your joint problems are increasing, especially in your knees, you should consult your doctor for knee replacement. It will help you reduce your pain and also better range of movement. 

So, these are some of the knee problems that you should not ignore and consult doctors. If the problem aggravates and doctors recommend surgery, you should not delay it because it will only increase your problem and also for doctors to conduct surgery later. 

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Chiara Brunner