What Is a Well-Child Exam? Importance, Benefits 

Parents are mainly focused on their child’s growth at their earliest phase. A regular checkup can be an excellent option to ensure the child’s overall health is good. 

By making regular appointments for your child’s checkup, parents can keep track of their child’s overall health and growth and get an insightful report that includes height, weight, blood pressure, vision, hearing, and other screening test results.

However, many parents are still determining whether it’s good to attend Bastrop well child exams regularly, its importance, and the benefits.

Let’s find out!

What is a Well-Child Exam? 

A Well-child exam is a checkup that parents schedule for their children, even if they’re healthy, to monitor their medical growth and to identify any health issue or illness occurring before it becomes a huge problem. In this process, doctors will check the child’s overall health and advise parents, based on the health condition, to have more sleep, nutrition required, safety risks, and much more. Simply, it’s a complete health checkup for children to ensure the health condition of children and easily prevent any issues. 

Why Is the Well-Child Exam Important? 

Childhood is the most crucial time for children’s growth and development. So parents should ensure their children are healthy and robust enough to prevent these health issues. 

To find out the overall child’s health condition, a well-child exam is a best-fit solution for parents to schedule a quick checkup and visit to the doctor to get a complete list of the child’s physical and emotional condition in a report, including weight, height, and results of multiple screening tests. 

So, if there’s any health-related concern, it can be resolved before turning into a significant problem. It also helps parents stay up-to-date with a child’s overall growth and ensure the child reaches a developmental milestone.

How Often Should You Take Your Kid For a Well-Child Exam? 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should take your child for the well-child exam based on age. 

First Year 

  • First Week of Birth (4-5 years old)
  • 2 Weeks Age 
  • 1 Month Age 
  • 2 Month Age 
  • 4 Month Age 
  • 6 Month Age 
  • 9 Months Age 
  • 12 Months Age 

Second Year

  • 15 Months Age 
  • 18 Months Age 
  • 24 Months Age
  • 30 Months Age 

From Third Year 

Once your child gets three years old, you should take your child for the healthy child exam once a year. It will help you to develop your child physically and medically more actively and healthily. 

Benefits of Well-Child Exam

  1. Prevention: Well-Child exams protect your kids from any uncertain health problems.
  2. Monitor Growth and Development: Usual, well-child exams help monitor your kid’s growth.  
  3. Pre-Diagnose: This exam allows the parents to diagnose significant health issues before it’s too late.
  4. Required Vaccinations: Your kid gets all required vaccinations in a well-child exam. 


Well-Child Exams are one of the best factors for your kids’ medical reports and growth. You can continue these regular checkups till 21 years of age to maintain good overall growth. 

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