What are Marijuana Seeds and What are the Types of Germinating Marijuana Seeds?

Whether you’ve decided to grow marijuana for your personal use or business purposes, you must take very good care of them to enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

You must be very careful during the beginning because the seeds are very delicate, and you need them to grow into high-yield plants.

You can use two techniques to grow marijuana from scratch; one is through seeds, and the other is through clones. If you choose seeds, the first step is germinating them, and there are various types of germination. These types will be covered in-depth in today’s article.

What are marijuana seeds?

Seeds are embryonic plants protected from the outside world by an outer shell. This shell is formed when the pollen fertilizes the female plant. Seeds contain the genetic traits that are packed inside the outer shell, and these traits grow and nurture into a plant with the right amount of nutrients, water, light, and growth medium.

What is seed germination?

Seed germination is a procedure by which a plant grows from a single seed. This begins with the hydration of the seed and ends with the emergence of the embryonic axis from the seed coat. The result is crop yield and quality.

What are the types of seed germination?

The germination process will take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks. This depends on the quality and health of the seeds. The most common types of germination are listed below.

1- Paper towels

This is the most common type of germination that is a favorite of home growers. All you need is two pieces of paper towel. Moisten them and palace the pot seeds between the two layers of moist towels.

Ensure that you keep a plate to prevent moisture damage. Keep the plate in the darkroom. You will know the seeds have germinated if you can see white taproot from the seeds, plant the taproot down.

2- Water soaking

This is another simple and cost-effective method for germination. Soak the seeds overnight in lukewarm water.

The following day plant the seeds directly into the growth medium and wait for a couple of days. The seed will have germinated properly, and you can see the rise of a new plant.

3- Directly planting the seeds

This is a better and more effective way than water soaking. Plan the seeds around half an inch deep in a moist growing medium, and that’s it.

Earlier growers used to plant seeds under the soil for maximum growth and yield. The seeds will not be in transplant shock when you directly plant the seeds, as they will adjust with the surrounding.

4- Jiffy pots

This is an up-and-coming method used by growers for germination. You can buy these jiffy pots from your local store. These pots are smaller sizes of the pot where you plant the seeds.

Only plant one or two seeds in the pot. Add some water to the soil once you place the seeds. Once the seeds sprout, you can transfer the seeds from the jiffy pot to the growth bed, soil, or garden pot.


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