Weight Loss Injections by Mail? Everything You Need to Know

Weight loss drugs have taken on a new form. Have you ever thought you could get weight loss injections online? With the recent injectable drugs skyrocketing in popularity, you can now get them from a doctor online. One company is making this much easier by providing not only injections through their online company but also an expertly guided weight loss program to help you stay on track and reach your goals. If you are surprised at this, IVIM Health wants you to know how really safe and legal this program is.

Vials, Needles, and Equipment

Once you enroll in the program, you have a telehealth visit with a doctor. The doctor discusses your goals and issues with you. Then, the doctor prescribes the correct injection medication for you at the correct dosages. You order the injection vials through IVIM, and the vials are shipped right to your door.

Included with the vials are needles and materials needed to give yourself an injection. You should follow the instructions very closely to ensure that the site of injection is sterile and clean. The amount or dose you should give yourself is based on what the doctor prescribes. Instructions should be included with your vials of medicine. If they are not, contact your prescriber at IVIM.

Demonstrations on How to Give Yourself Injections

Your prescriber should go over this with you. Unless you are already familiar with injectable medication, it’s essential to follow the demonstration closely. If you have any other questions, again, please contact your prescriber.

You Do Not Need to Refrigerate the Medicine

These medications are not insulin. You do not need to refrigerate them. However, some clients feel that refrigerating them can either extend the shelf life or make them less painful to inject. That’s up to you, but it isn’t necessary.

Returns Are Not Allowed for Good Reason

Vials shipped to you are dosed just for you. They are made to target your weight loss goals and are designed to work with your body. Additionally, returning used medication is not something you would do for anything else, so obviously, you wouldn’t return the vials either.

Reporting Side Effects

While most clients on IVIM’s weight loss program do not report side effects, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that you may experience them. In the remote chance that you feel anything weird or out of the ordinary, contact your prescriber right away. The prescriber will tell you what to do next in terms of taking your injections, dialing back doses, or stopping injections altogether.

Other Support IVIM Health Offers

A successful weight loss plan incorporates several components. Removal of any component reduces the success rate. For that reason, IVIM offers regular updates from the doctor, health supplements you can purchase as part of the program, an app to help you keep yourself accountable, and shipping options for your medications and supplements. Giving yourself an injection isn’t hard at all. Choosing to get started toward better health is difficult, but IVIM Health can help.

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Carina Prinz