The Diagnosis and Remedies to Premature Ejaculation

Sexual health is beneficial for wellbeing and self-esteem. Typically, the man and woman should enjoy sexual intercourse. However, the woman may end up not having satisfaction when the man loses his erection or ejaculates fast. Although there is no set duration before the man ejaculates, the sex should last long for his partner to enjoy.

An Overview of Premature Ejaculation

A person suffers from premature ejaculation when they ejaculate within a minute of sexual intercourse. The conditions happen to men at one point in their lives. A recurrent experience with the state should be worrying, but sometimes it can be occasional. However, it is critical to seek premature ejaculation treatment when releasing sperm soon after or before penetration.

The causes

There are several reasons a man may experience premature ejaculation. Although it is a complex phenomenon to explain,  the brain plays a significant role in the state. Studies show that a person is likely to ejaculate faster when they have low levels of serotonin. 

On the other hand, there are physical and psychological issues that may lead to premature ejaculation. The condition may be hereditary, where the person gets the traits from parents, a prostate infection or inflammation on the glands, chemical imbalance in the brain, and hormonal imbalance. Also, individuals with erectile dysfunction may develop premature ejaculation.

Apart from the physical causes, some emotional factors contribute to the state. It can happen when a person is pessimistic about the notion of having sex, has low confidence in their abilities, issues with the partner, anxiety, depression, and stress. 

The Diagnosis

The diagnosis of premature ejaculation revolves around the person’s sexual life, and the doctor will enquire about the activities. Therefore, it is essential to be honest with the medical practitioner about your relationships to help diagnose. When the problem is mental, the professional will recommend therapies to help with emotional wellbeing. The objective will b to get the man back to a stable state to eliminate the premature ejaculation stat.

On the other hand, there are clinical treatments to the physical factors contributing to the condition. A urologist will help with the diagnosis through physical examination and tests to help start the treatment process.

Remedies to Help Partners

When suffering from erectile dysfunction, medications can help treat the condition. It is crucial to have a professional diagnosis to start the treatment. Also, some creams help reduce the sensitivity of the penis to make a man stay longer without ejaculating during sexual intercourse. Alternatively, wearing a condom can help with the sensitivity issue. Still, others will practice masturbation before having sex to ensure they last longer in the act.

On the other hand, a counselor can help with mental health problems bringing premature ejaculation. Therapy sessions should work, but a doctor can recommend medications for the situation when they do not. Research shows that exercising the pelvic area can improve the condition.


Ensure you seek professional premature ejaculation treatment to find the ideal remedy for the state.

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