Tetra CoolPeel Treatment in Sebring

CoolPeel is a less invasive, more comfortable alternative to standard CO2 laser resurfacing, providing advantages with no downtime. The Tetra laser settings are more cautious, resulting in incremental improvements and low recovery time. Unlike traditional CO2 lasers, which can take weeks to months to recover, CoolPeel’s Tetra laser at Sebring aesthetic center and wellness spa can eliminate social downtime, with most people able to resume normal activities the next day.

How does it work?

CoolPeel uses the Tetra laser to give regulated laser energy, treating only a portion of your skin in each session while leaving islands of unharmed skin in between. This method promotes speedy healing and recovery. Your complete face is gradually resurfaced during four treatment sessions spaced one month apart. For long-term benefits, the laser encourages the generation of new collagen and tightens structural components such as elastin. The treatment can be adapted to your anatomy and desires, ensuring a personalized treatment plan.

What are the advantages?

If you have been considering getting the Tetra CO2 CoolPeelTM, it is a good idea for skin resurfacing as it does not require prolonged downtime. Another advantage is that it ensures superficial skin resurfacing without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, UV damage, age spots, enlarged pores, acne scars, uneven tone, texture, and skin laxity are all addressed, presenting vibrant, healthier-looking skin.

The treatment:

You must be wondering about what happens during the treatment. So, what usually takes place is that the tetra CO2 Laser delivers high-energy pulses to the targeted area. This is usually administered without anesthesia, reducing damage and boosting skin regeneration without lingering heat that could cause tissue damage.

In regards to what it fixes, CoolPeel cures wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and skin tightening with no downtime and only minor redness and dryness, which usually fades after a day or two. Note that by supplying heat energy, it encourages new collagen formation and improves skin tightness.

The Tetra CO2 Laser used in CoolPeel treatments outperforms conventional CO2 lasers in that it delivers high energy to the skin in brief bursts of light, giving fine control over skin damage.

Final thoughts:

In terms of how much it costs, a CoolPeel Tetra CO2 laser treatment costs around $800.00 for each session, although this might vary depending on your skin type and the level of skin damage. Most patients will need 2-3 treatments to achieve the desired outcomes. 

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Chiara Brunner