Myths revolving around the weight loss

Losing weight is not always as easy as you might think. Imagine having the excessive weight that keeps you in the gym without bearing fruits. Also, you could be trying to change your lifestyle habits, such as eating without losing any pound of weight. The feeling can be devastating and stressful that you can even think of giving up. However, losing hope is not a good idea in this journey since you will continue being vulnerable to health complications such as hypertension from excessive body weight. Are you struggling while maintaining a healthy weight? Dr. Andrew Chow has a remedy for achieving your desired healthy weight. The following are the myths concerning weight loss.

Weight loss is a linear

Many people believe that losing weight is uniform, implying that you must lose the same pounds as the previous day. However, the reality is that the weight loss process is not linear. The body weight usually fluctuates over time, making you lose more weight on some days than others. Sometimes you may not even realize any reduction in weight which is normal in the weight loss program.

Obesity is not biological

Some people argue that your willpower determines whether you have weight gain and that it has no connection with biological processes. If you believe in this misconception, then you are wrong. The truth is that different hormonal and biological processes regulate the weight in your body, and their dysfunctioning can trigger obesity. For instance, you are more likely to have excessive weight when your body is resistant to the hormone leptin.

Physical exercise is the only answer

Exercises are crucial in weight loss, although you need more than just the exercises. You should adjust your lifestyle habits and adopt new habits in the long run. For instance, you should reduce processed food intake to avoid building up calories. Individuals should combine healthy eating programs with workouts to help burn the extra calories in the body. If you have been smoking, it would be best to stop this habit from maintaining a healthy weight.

Skipping meals can help in the weight loss

Reducing the intake of calories can make you think that you should starve yourself to achieve weight loss. However, skipping meals can make you miss some nutrients necessary for your body’s overall wellness. Besides, you may not effectively engage in the workouts with a hungry stomach. Therefore, you should never miss any of your meals.

No disparity between all calories

The human body usually metabolizes different food components in a different mechanism. Therefore, despite all calories having similar energy composition, the calorie sources have a different impact on an individual’s weight. For instance, carb calories impact you to gain more weight than protein calories. You should, therefore, increase the intake of protein calories which effectively optimizes the weight loss hormones in the body.

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a demanding experience since it calls for persistence. However, many people give up along the way for not meeting their set targets for weight loss. If you are a victim, it is time to seek a long-lasting remedy. At Triad Primary Care, you have an opportunity to choose from a team of experienced specialists who offer the weight loss program that is suitable for you. Schedule the appointment and visit the facility today to live a quality life again.

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