Is Extraction Necessary for a Cracked Tooth in Fresno, CA?

Your tooth can crack or chip after you trip and fall or during a sports accident. Not all cracked teeth must be removed; however, you must know when an extraction is important. Not seeking proper treatment promptly can result in serious pain and complications with the rest of your teeth. A cosmetic dentist in Fresno, CA, can remove a cracked tooth or fix it with dental bonding or crown, depending on the severity of the damage. 

Typically, a tooth chip is quite obvious. But teeth cracks and fractures may not always be noticeable. Symptoms of cracked teeth that are not obvious include recurring tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, and gum swelling. Extracting a cracked tooth may be necessary in any of the following situations:

Crack Below the Gum Line

The extent of the damage determines whether a tooth must be removed or not. A crack that happens in the tooth root or starts on the tooth’s chewing surface that extends below your gum line must be pulled out.  When not treated right away, a crack that begins above your gum line can eventually spread deeper and lead to a split tooth. Regardless of how small a tooth crack is, you must get it checked by a dentist. 

Infected Teeth

Extensive damage to the tooth can lead to pulp infection, which can extend to the surrounding gum tissue and bone or other teeth. During the early stage of the infection, a root canal procedure may treat the problem. But serious infections may require an extraction to preserve your other teeth. A pulp infection can present symptoms such as fever, tender neck glands, swollen gums, bad breath, tooth sensitivity, and increased pain when you chew.

Solutions for Cracked Teeth

Your dentist may use any of the following to treat a cracked tooth:

  • Dental crown. If your tooth crack occurs above your gum line, your dentist can place a crown over it to stop the crack from getting worse. The dentist will shape and color the crown to look natural in your mouth.
  • Root canal treatment. A root canal procedure can be performed for a minor infection that occurs with a tooth crack above your gum line. It involves getting rid of bacteria from the infected root canal to preserve the cracked tooth.

If one of your teeth has a crack that may or may require extraction, call a dentist right away. Your dentist will determine the right way to address the issue. 

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Chiara Brunner