How You Can Benefit from Geriatric Care

When you age, you require a special type of medical care called geriatric care. As you get older, your immune system weakens, putting you at risk of various diseases. You can benefit from geriatric Chamblee through regular wellness checkups, screenings, and medication management.

Geriatric care involves a comprehensive approach to ensure you live a better quality of life as you receive the best medical care, depending on your condition and needs.

What services can you receive under geriatric care?     

Before you receive any services under geriatric care, your specialist must review your medical history to determine suitable treatment. You can receive chronic disease management, annual wellness visits, joint mobility evaluations, immunizations, specialist referrals, neurological testing, and cancer screenings.

Remember, your care depends on your condition. For example, you might receive regular joint mobility evaluations if you have arthritis. If you are at risk of cancer, your specialist can conduct regular cancer screenings.   

How should you prepare for a geriatric exam?

A geriatric exam checks your physical, mental, and social well-being. Before offering treatment, your specialist must first understand your condition and needs. They will review your medical history and perform physical exams or cancer screenings to determine your treatment plan. You can prepare for the exam by noting your current medications and specific dosages and discussing your symptoms.

If you are forgetful, write your questions down and carry them on the appointment day.

Benefits of geriatric care

You can receive the following benefits from geriatric care:

Improved quality of life

Your quality of life depends on three significant aspects including physical, social, and psychological health. Geriatric care focuses on improving your mobility and relationships with others and keeping your mind activated to minimize the risk of memory loss. You can engage in physical activity to keep your body flexible and engage in community work for your social health. Reading and playing puzzles can help keep your mind engaged, delaying dementia.

Prevention and management of chronic diseases

As you age, you become more susceptible to illnesses, but proper geriatric care can reduce your chances of getting such diseases. For example, your specialist can suggest regular wellness exams and checkups for your vitals and blood sugar or cholesterol levels. Through thorough evaluations, your doctor can create a wellness plan with an exercise regimen and a nutrition plan to ensure better health. 

Geriatric care can help you manage chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes. Considering that arthritis causes pain and stiffness, your specialist can provide patient education to keep your symptoms at bay.

Medication management

Since geriatric care is an all-around specialty, it can help you manage your prescriptions and medications. Your medical team can check your current medications and dosages to ensure everything aligns and you receive optimum care.

If you or your loved one needs geriatric care services, visit Lenox Medical Clinic for a treatment plan. The available specialists will evaluate your overall health before offering suitable and specific treatment. Call or book your appointment online to manage old age diseases and improve your quality of life.

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