How Weighted Blankets Actually Help You?

Bedtime discomfort and anxiety are the foes to good sleep, which often leads to poor sleep quality and leaves you cranky and tired the next day you wake up.

There are many different techniques that you can try and find helpful to have a peaceful night’s sleep. Would you believe it if you were told that a blanket plays an important role in this?

The most popular sleeping aid that are praised by many, but also doubted by few, having a weighted blanket is helpful to simplify your problems effortlessly.

The primary advantage of the heavy blankets is that they help give a sense of calmness and relaxation while reducing discomfort and anxiety.

Many people are skeptical about the entire concept of weighted blanket pros and cons. You can read the blog by to learn more about it. is a site that can provide the right answers to your questions. It can be about reviews, articles, and sales.

Here are certain common questions that are answered for you

What are weighted Blankets?

Blankets that are heavier than the regular ones, they get filled with soft filling that adds on comfort and weight.

The filling in the blanket varies with different brands. Most commonly steel beads, glass beads, sand, plastic poly pellets are used. The health benefits are contributed by the fillings of the blanket, which makes them popular.

The filling is well distributed all along the blanket that is covered with an additional fabric, which later is stitched in tiny squares. It is important that the tiny squares are stitched well so the fillings do not move from one end to another.

How do weighted blankets work?

Weighted blankets can help in certain health conditions such as sleep disorders, insomnia, depression, and restless leg syndrome.

People with autism, osteoarthritis, ADHD, and chronic pain also experience positive results with weighted blankets pressure therapy.

The ‘pressure therapy’ provides a calm-inducing pressure on the body that is quite similar to the feeling of being hugged.

Does weighted blankets get overheated?

The heat experienced while using the weighted blankets varies from place to place and different types of environments.

In a room that is air conditioned and regions that are cold will not find over heating to be an issue. Even for people who like to sleep in a warm and cozy environment having a weighted blanket is good option.

Weighted blankets are found in different size and weight, it all depends on the filling is used in making these blankets weigh heavy.

You can select any of the blankets that you prefer using according to the size and weight. Finding weighted blankets are very easy you can get them online or at any stores around.

Make sure that you choose a weighted blanket for everyone in your family. There are blankets made for everyone and are easily available.

You do even get special weighted blankets made specially for kids. Get yourself a weighted blanket and make sure to have a good peaceful sleep every night and make your days better.

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