Going For A Vasectomy? Here’s What You Should Expect

A common surgical procedure that prevents birth control permanently, vasectomy is a procedure where a certain port of the duct that acts as a sperm carrier will be removed. Almost every year, approximately half a million men in the world and the United States undergo this small surgery. Vasectomies are not just effective but also safe. They prevent pregnancy and can also be an appropriate option for birth control, especially amongst those who dont want to have any kids in the future. Many surgical consultants also prefer to perform such vasectomies like an outpatient procedure while some men also find the process of recovery painless and quick.

If you are planning to get this surgery done anytime soon, here’s a look at what you should expect.

Preparing for vasectomy

If you are planning to get a vasectomy done, make sure you stop taking aspirin or any blood-thinning product at least 1 week before the vasectomy. Usually, it is advisable for men to take a couple of days off after the procedure to rest and take some time to recover. On the day you get this procedure done, make sure you have shaved all the hair from the scrotum and washed it well. You should also wear close-fitting clothes in order to support your scrotum. You should also have someone to drive you home after the surgery since that causes a lot of unwanted stress on treated areas right after the procedure.

Recovery Process

Yes, vasectomies are usually effective and safe, but people have often questioned how quickly ca you recover from this surgery. While a few side effects can happen if you dont follow the aftercare instructions, it is advisable that you follow a simple procedure with very little risk in order to ensure a fast and easy recovery. A lot of men are also able to return to work within 2-3 days and continue with their physical activity.

If you want to ensure a speedy recovery for yourself from vasectomy, make sure you follow the following steps

–          Wear some close-fitting underwear for a couple of days in order to hold your bandages.

–          Minimize the swelling on your scrotum by keeping an ice pack for 24 hours at least.

–          Use pain medication if required.

–          You could also take showers right at the beginning of your day and even after the process. But make sure you dont soak your scrotum in the hot tub or pools or baths.

–          You should also limit all kinds of activity for the first 2 days. Avoid any kind of straining, pushing, or heavy lifting at any cost.

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