Do thc gummies show up on drug tests? 

THC gummies have become increasingly popular as a discrete and tasty way to consume cannabis. However, many people wonder if THC gummies will cause them to fail a drug test. 

How long do thc gummies stay in your system?

The amount of time THC gummies will remain detectable in your system depends on several factors:

  • Your metabolism – THC is stored in fat cells, so it will remain in the body longer for those with a slower metabolism.
  • How often you use THC gummies – Occasional or first-time use results in faster clearance than regular, heavy use.  
  • The dose/strength of the gummies – Higher doses mean more THC in your system that will take longer to metabolize.

For most users, canna river THC gummies will remain detectable for 1-30 days after ingestion. For heavy, chronic users, THC could be detectable for over 30 days.

What drug tests detect thc from thc gummies?

  • Urine tests – The drug test most frequently encountered. Can detect THC metabolites for 1-30+ days.
  • Blood tests – Not as common. Detects THC for 1-2 days. 
  • Saliva tests – Detects THC for 1-3 days after last use. 
  • Hair tests – Traces THC for up to 90 days but cannot determine frequency of use.

Urine tests are by far the most common type of drug screening. They detect a THC metabolite called THC-COOH that remains in urine long after the effects of the gummies wear off.

How to pass a drug test after using thc gummies?

If you have an upcoming drug test and recently used THC gummies, there are a few things you do to try and pass:

  • Stop using immediately – The more time between the last use and the test, the better.
  • Drink plenty of water – Dilute urine to reduce THC metabolite levels. 
  • Take creatine – Creatine supplements help mask diluted urine. 
  • Consider detox kits or adulterants – These attempt to interfere with results, but labs often check for them.
  • Substitute urine – Use synthetic or clean urine instead of your own. Risky if monitored.

Keep in mind that detox strategies are not guaranteed ways to pass a drug test after THC gummy use. The only foolproof method is to abstain from any THC ingestion for 30+ days before being tested.

Are some thc gummies better than others for drug tests?

When it comes to avoiding failed drug tests, your best bet is to abstain from THC gummies altogether. However, there are some differences in gummy formulations that could potentially affect detection windows:

  • Dose/Strength – Lower doses of 5mg or 10mg THC may clear faster than 50 mg+ doses. 
  • Full spectrum vs. THC isolate – Full spectrum gummies contain other cannabinoids that may linger longer.
  • Metabolism – Gummies containing added ingredients to potentially boost metabolism could clear marginally quicker. 

Even so, no THC gummy guarantee passing a drug test. Any dose of THC brings a substantial risk of failing for at least several days after.

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