Denture Relining in Columbia

A proper denture fit is essential for a presentable appearance and for avoiding gum irritation while chewing or speaking. Improper alignment of a denture might also inflict pain in the gums by interfering with bites and causing sore spots that escalate the risk of gum infection. One can easily avoid such a hassle by opting for a denture reline from the best Columbia dentist.

What is a Denture Reline?

Dentures lose grip over time. A denture reline helps reshape the bottom so that the fixture is comfortable in one’s mouth and sits tight on the gum. The procedure is simple and consumes a minimal amount of time. This is usually done in the dental lab or the dentist’s office.

Necessity of Considering a Denture Reline

With the complete removal of a tooth, the bone of the adjoining area that previously surrounded the root of the missing starts deteriorating. As the bone is no longer used to hold the tooth firmly, the bone starts wearing away. 

However, this results in a changed gum line and jaw shape. After removing a tooth, this process becomes faster and slows down to continue for the rest of the life. Therefore, the changed shape calls for a denture relining that will fit tightly and eliminate any discomfort for the user.

When Should One Opt for a Denture Reline?

Denture Damage:

The fitting of the denture would be hampered in case any damage occurred due to mistakenly dropping it, or it has become warped from not soaking it in the water. The denture base can be damaged in case of any of these situations and need an immediate relining. However, severe damage might need dentures to rebase,

Development of sore spots:

Sore spots might appear due to losing fit, where the denture starts to rub itself against the gums. Sore spots also occur from the buildup of bacteria. A dentist needs to be consulted immediately if one notices any sore spots under the dentures. 

Excessive Weight Loss:

If one has lost a significant amount of weight and finds that the dentures no longer fit correctly on the gums and the structure, it is time to opt for a reline. 

Final Thoughts:

As dentures are not dental implants and their fit depends on the structure and shape of the jaw, which is subject to change with time, it is advised that one should opt for dental reline once every five years after consulting a qualified and experienced dentist.

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