Can you sell products derive from marijuana on the Internet?

The legislation to market CBD products can vary a lot depending on the country or even states and provinces of the same country. Given the impossibility to carry out a detailed study of each country and area, we will focus on what is allowed or not in the USA.

You can currently sell marijuana derivatives whose majority composition is CBD and do not contain more than 0.2% THC. As a rule, you should obtain an authorization from the FDA, but this is also vague since you can distribute products from a brand or company that already has authorization.

Get professional advice

Contact lawyers specialized in the marketing of cannabinoids, CBD and marijuana derivatives in general, so as not to screw up and end up with your bones in jail. You can sell CBD products derived from marijuana as long as their THC level does not exceed 0.2% and their objective is not for human consumption. 

In fact, you only have to do a search to discover that tons of online stores that sell CBD. In addition, you must differentiate what type of derivatives of marijuana and CBD you are going to sell since it is not the same to sell seeds, buds, oils for aesthetic or aromatic use, even food.

Do not do this if you are going to sell CBD online

It is still safer to make a quick list of things to avoid if you want to advertise CBD online –

  • Do not start selling CBD without legal advice first
  • Do not sell marijuana derivatives with more than 0.3% THC
  • Do not allude to the health benefits of CBD
  • Do not use an unreliable producer or distributor
  • Do not use service providers or technology that do not allow the sale of CBD

Which platform to choose to sell CBD

  • WordPress does not allow the sale of CBD
  • Shopify does allow you to sell CBD
  • Wix only allows CBD to be sold in the US, except in states where it is not allowed
  • You can use Word Press (.org), and Magento to sell CBD or whatever
  • You can use the open source Woo Commerce plugin to sell CBD.

In the end

If you are going to plant and cultivate for commercialization, you must request permits from the FDA, and you will have to meet a series of requirements regarding the type of plants, the volume of plantation, composition of THC and CBD, destination of the derived products, etc. There are different ways to boost your CBD business online.

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