Benefits of dental implants 

There are various options available to get your teeth replaced in case one goes missing. However, the best among all is the dental implant as it is permanent in nature and has the least side effects. Once you have lost your tooth, your jaw bone also begins to deteriorate and therefore, you should consider getting a dental implant as soon as possible. A dental implant is a very well-developed tooth replacement technology. Generally, titanium root is placed into the jawbone which completely looks and feels like a natural tooth. If it is properly cared for and maintained, it can even last throughout your life.

Benefits of Coconut Creek dental implants:

  • Mimic your natural teeth: Though it is an artificial tooth replacement technology, dental implants completely feel natural and it gives you full freedom to use them for day-to-day activities. While brushing, eating or smiling, they don’t disappoint you and are there for you just like your old teeth.
  • Permanent in nature: Unlike dentures or replaced teeth, dental implants can last a lifetime if properly maintained. They are made from titanium and carefully inserted in the jawbone. Moreover, they are non-toxic in nature and thus, are fully accepted by the body.
  • Protects jawbone loss: Once your tooth goes missing, due to the space created, the jawbone may deteriorate and you may lose almost 25% of the bone area in just one year after losing a tooth. Even dentures can not prevent bone loss as with time they become loose and lose their efficiency over time. However, with dental implants, the root and the tooth are properly placed which provides a kind of stimulation to the jawbone growth.
  • Prevent gum disease: If your teeth are decaying or if one goes missing, a gap might be created between the teeth which will trap food inside and attract bacteria in the mouth. This will further develop many gum diseases. However, dental implants fill that gap and prevent any kind of accumulation of bacteria.
  • Keep other teeth stable: The gap created due to the missing teeth or tooth can make other adjacent teeth shift their position. This can cause a kind of interference while eating or speaking. Once you get a dental implant done, you can prevent such mishappenings.

Therefore, if one or more teeth go missing, you should surely consider getting a dental implant because such things should be done once but done right. You must also make sure that you take care of your dental implant so that they last throughout your life.

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Chiara Brunner