5 Possible Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a commonly reported physical condition that can interfere with your everyday activities. Your back muscles are prone to injury as they support much of your body weight. They also perform a vital role in enabling daily movements such as standing, walking, and sitting. Lower back pains can be caused by spraining your back muscles, sports injuries, or chronic health issues like arthritis.

Fortunately, many treatment solutions, such as physical exercises, stress management techniques, and many others, can help with your lower back pain. In this post, we will look at the various remedies for Westfield lower back pain.

Get Enough Sleep.

Ensuring you get better rest is critical in keeping your body in good shape. Poor sleep postures can cause you to develop lower back pain. Proper back alignment and comfort will help you get quality sleep and prevent the risk of back pains. Healthcare providers often recommend that you try sleeping on your back to keep your spine in a neutral position.

If you prefer sleeping on your side, you should alternate sides frequently. Consider using pillows to help align your spinal cord properly while sleeping. Avoid placing your pillows underneath the shoulders, but place them beneath your head and neck to prevent the risk of lower back pains.

Remain Active

While it is usually difficult to remain physically active when experiencing lower back pain, you are advised to perform low-impact activities such as yoga, swimming, aerobics, and walking to help manage your back pain. These low-impact exercises will encourage the production of endorphins in your body to help relieve your pain. Your doctor can also recommend that you start a daily exercise routine to improve the strength of your muscles and prevent the risk of lower back pain in the future.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

The type of shoes you wear can significantly impact the health of your back and determine your risk of lower back pain. For instance, high heels can increase your risk of lower back pains due to the uneven weight distribution on your back. Wearing tight, unstable shoes can result in foot pain and eventually affect the health of your back.

Your healthcare provider will recommend wearing flat shoes that provide adequate foot cushioning and arch support. You can also consider orthotic insoles that are very effective in providing your feet with the needed support and comfort for better mobility.

Healthy Food Choices

Various studies have proven that eating certain foods such as dairy products, red meat, refined sugars, and saturated fats can have an adverse effect on your back. You are advised to make healthier choices by increasing your intake of wholegrain foods, potatoes, fiber, ginger, fruits, and green leafy vegetables. These foods will help boost your immune system and lower your risk of lower back pain.

Stress Management Techniques

Prolonged exposure to stress-causing agents can harm the health of your back. High-stress levels affect your normal breathing, which can strain your back muscles. To help lower your stress levels and prevent the risk of lower back pain, your physician may recommend various stress management techniques such as performing deep breathing exercises, meditation, spending quality time with friends and family, and performing regular muscle relaxation exercises.

Contact the Lower Back Pain Experts Today

Mild cases of lower back pain can be effectively treated in the comfort of your home using various natural remedies such as eating healthy, getting massages, getting better rest, and ice and heat therapy. However, for severe cases of lower back pain, you should consult your physician. Your doctor may recommend medication, physical therapy, and surgery to help relieve your lower back pain. Get started today and contact the lower back pain experts to restore your normal body functioning and prevent future lower back pains.

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