What Happens After the Removal of Braces?

Braces are utilized for treating misaligned teeth and making them straight. They are removed by the Rutherford dentist after they help in achieving the desired results. The removal may take place after a few months to years, depending on the patient and the extent of misalignment. A lot of people tend to experience anxiety after the removal of braces. This is generally because they are not aware of the next steps and post-removal after-care. 

Dental health professionals remove braces. It is suggested never to end up removing them by yourself. It generally takes about an hour and can be completed within a single visit to the dentist. A lot of people do not feel any type of significant pain during braces removal. However, the procedure can be slightly discomforting, and some people may also feel over-the-top pain. They can use ibuprofen or other painkillers prescribed by dental professionals to deal with the ache. 

 Removing the braces

A thorough cleaning is done after removing the braces from your teeth by the dentists. It is done to ensure that any debris stuck inside braces or teeth can be removed. After that, polishing of the teeth takes place with the help of grinders. The grinders are used to make sure that the adhesive placed on the teeth for fixing the braces is completely taken out. An x-ray assessment is done after that to check the alignment of teeth and prepare a digital impression of the teeth. 

The digital impressions are used to create retainers after removing the braces to ensure that the correct teeth do not start shifting. Retainers are integral to after-care, as misusing them can lead to misalignment. 

It is common to experience calluses near sensitive areas around the lips. They are normal and disappear without any external treatment. Along with that, the patient may also face issues with eating. This is because they have gotten accustomed to eating with braces and eating without them after a long period can be a different experience. 

The teeth may also feel more tender than usual after the removal of races. They will get normal on their own after some time. Minor discoloration can also be noticed after the removal of braces. It can be treated by tooth whitening. 

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