What are lip injections and their benefits?

In the modern days, if you don’t like the way a part of your body looks, you can see a doctor correct it a bit. This has been made possible by aesthetic medicine. For example, lip augmentation is a procedure to fix thin lips.  It makes lips fuller and plumper. It is achieved by using an injectable dermal filler. 

The most possible lip augmentation involves hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body. It is commonly referred to as hyaluronic acid filler. Once injected with the substance, your lips will increase in volume. If you feel insecure about the thinness of your lips make an appointment with clinicare lip filler to get your lips increased in volume. 

Another method includes the use of fat and implants to plump your lips. They are currently not used because of their side effects.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to improve the look of your lips by adding their shape, structure, and volume. It will be effective for more than 5 months. After that period, it requires another injection to keep the volume of the lips.

Benefits of lip augmentation.

  • Lasting results.

Lip augmentation doesn’t permanently last, its effects last for six months. This is a reasonable period for the effects. After six months, see your doctor to administer another injection to keep your lips volume.

  • Less bruising.

Hyaluronic acid fillers do not have more swelling and bruising like the other form of lip augmentation. Some other causes bruises in the lips and swelling.

  • Control over lip volume.

The amount of substance to be injected is controlled by the doctor. He has control of how much volume is to be injected. This is of course on the volume your need for your lips.

  • Gradual pace of treatment.

The injection can be administered at your pace. It can be gradual where you make different appointments to administer the substance. This is done until you get the desired result.

Using lip fillers will make your lip juicy and fuller with no wrinkles. Before getting the injection administered to you, ensure to inform the doctor if you have allergic to lidocaine. Since the substance is made from substances similar to those found in the body. Lip augmentation may have side effects which depend on the individual subjected to the substance.

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