Signs Of Cocaine Overdosing That You Should Know 

Cocaine is one of the many drugs that people are addicted to in today’s world. Apart from the loss of finance, health, and relationships, cocaine addiction can cause even the death of a person because of overdosing. 

Whenever you notice any overdose symptoms in any of your dear ones, you should not forget to call for help. Instead of waiting for your dear ones to overdose, it is suggested to get them the required help from the Detox To Rehab community. The experts here know very well about handling patients belonging to all levels of addiction and will guide them safely towards the path of a healthy life. 

Overdose Symptoms of Cocaine 

The cocaine overdose symptoms can become life-threatening if not treated early. Here are some signs that you should not neglect. 

  • Hallucination 
  • Agitation or extreme anxiety 
  • Sweating with increased body temperature 
  • High blood pressure 

If not treated at this stage, then the cocaine user can develop some severe overdosing effects such as: 

  • Issue with breathing 
  • Heart attack 
  • Irregularity in the rhythm of the heart 
  • Seizures 
  • Stroke 

All these above-mentioned conditions can lead to severe health damage or even the death of the cocaine user, if not treated as early as possible. The first and the best way of offering first aid to the people that have overdosed till the professional help arrives is by giving them CPR and making sure that blood keeps pumping to their heart by constant pressure on their heart. 

The risk of overdosing is quite high when a person is already high on alcohol levels in their blood, and yet tries to take cocaine over that. Sometimes, people pair cocaine with some other drugs to increase the effects to the next levels, and this habit of theirs can lead to overdosing, or even the death of the person. 

Cocaine usage should not be neglected and help should be offered at the early stages for users. 

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