Reversing type 2 diabetes with plant-based ingredients

The rise of diabetes worldwide has brought about a critical need for effective treatments and management strategies. Diabetes, particularly Type 2, has become a major health concern due to its association with lifestyle and diet changes. The traditional approach to diabetes management often involves medication, strict diets, and constant blood sugar monitoring. However, recent studies suggest that certain plant-based ingredients might play a crucial role in reversing Type 2 diabetes by targeting its root causes.

Blood sugar levels are high due to type 2 diabetes due to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance or insufficient insulin production causes type 2 diabetes. This condition is often linked to obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and poor dietary habits. Recent research indicates that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) could be a contributor to the development of Type 2 diabetes. Through the storage and release of glucose, the liver regulates blood sugar levels. 

Plant-based ingredients for diabetes management

Several plant-based ingredients have shown promise in reversing Type 2 diabetes. Here are some key ingredients that have been scientifically studied for their anti-diabetic properties:

  • Schizandra Chinensis fruit: This fruit has been documented to improve glucose tolerance and possesses antioxidant properties that help detoxify and heal a fatty liver. By enhancing liver function, Schizandra Chinensis can aid in better blood sugar regulation.
  • Licorice root extract: This extract reduces inflammation and prevents fatty liver development thanks to its anti-inflammatory and blood sugar-lowering properties. It improves insulin sensitivity by promoting weight loss.
  • Astragalus root extract: Commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, Astragalus root extract has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, reduce lipid levels, and improve insulin sensitivity. It also helps in managing diabetic nephropathy.
  • Wild yam root extract: Wild yam contains active compounds that have antidiabetic effects. Therefore, it lowers blood sugar levels and the fat content in the liver, making it a valuable ingredient for diabetes management.
  • Solomon’s seal extract: This extract is known for significantly lowering blood sugar levels and has anti-hyperglycemic effects due to its high flavonoid concentrations. It helps maintain blood sugar within the normal range.
  • Mulberry leaf: Mulberry leaf is effective in lowering fasting blood sugar levels and has shown benefits in managing diabetic nephropathy. Its anti-diabetic properties make it a useful addition to diabetes treatment plans.
  • Lycium Chinense fruit extract (Goji): Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and have hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effects. They help reduce blood sugar levels and the amount of fat in the liver, contributing to better overall health.
  • Balloon flower root extract: This Chinese medicinal herb enhances glucose homeostasis by improving insulin sensitivity. It also reduces the concentration of fats stored in the liver, aiding in better insulin signalling.

Using plant-based ingredients for diabetes management offers several benefits beyond blood sugar control. These natural compounds can help reduce sugar cravings, making it easier to maintain a healthy diet and manage weight. There are even supplements like sugar balance bundled with these natural ingredients. They also have detoxifying properties to regulate blood sugar levels. While traditional diabetes treatments focus on managing symptoms, plant-based ingredients target the root causes of Type 2 diabetes. Consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to diabetes management plans. 

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