PRP For Hair Restoration: The Secrets Unearthed!

Losing hair in chunks so rapidly that it gives you the scare that you might go bald is something that you shouldn’t overlook. If not addressed in time, heavy hair loss might actually make you bald and once you’re bald, no matter what anybody says, there’s no way to get back your hair. 

Thanks to science, timely action can bring back the thickness of your hair. One of those immensely effective treatments is known as the PRP treatment. 

The Clinique Anti Aging hair PRP treatment is usually performed in combination with a special laser known as Erbium Yag laser. 

Here’s a guide on everything you should know about PRP and why it is usually combined with Yag Laser sessions. Have a look? 

What Does PRP Stands For: What Does it Do? 

PRP is what doctors call platelet-rich plasma. Your blood is extracted in a careful medical setup and centrifuged. After 10 minutes, the RBCs and WBCs settle at the bottom. The plasma on the top is rich with your platelets. 

This platelet-rich plasma is injected directly inside the patch of the scalp that’s losing hair rapidly. 

What’s the use, you might ask us – When your platelets hit your scalp, they start a circuit of events by waking up collagen that starts strengthening hair follicles. 

When the follicles become strong, they start producing new healthy hair strands that populate the thinning hair patch once again. 

It’s the growth hormones in the platelets that are the secret tools behind triggering collagen to preserve hair follicles and grow new hair strands that are strong. 

Why Laser When PRP Is So Effective Alone? 

Did you know that yag lasers increase blood supply to the hair follicles? More blood means more oxygen. When the follicles get more oxygen, they will become very strong. 

So, when these two methods are combined, the results start appearing faster. 

Are The Results of PRP and Erbium Laser Permanent?

No, not at all. Anybody who says that the results of any cosmetic procedure are permanent is either ignorant or lying. 

Every procedure, PRP as well as Laser, will have follow-up sittings that you’ll have to take if you want the results to not diminish after a period of time.

To conclude, talk to your doctor at length to learn more about the longevity of the results of PRP to set your expectations right. Yearly sittings are required. Based upon how your hair responds to PRP, your doctor will be able to suggest the number of follow-up sittings you will need.

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