Porcelain Fixed Bridge from Your Dentist in Powell TN: Don’t Worry About Tooth Loss

Did you just lose a tooth? If so, you may start panicking and worry about how you look. After all, your smile won’t be complete if you are missing at least one tooth. There are many reasons you can lose a tooth, from falling on the floor to tooth decay. But this problem can be resolved when you visit a dentist in Powell, TN, who will then offer you different restorative options. One of the efficient options you can consider is the use of a porcelain fixed bridge. Keep reading to learn more about this:

How a Fixed Bridge Works

A fixed bridge is a great option for replacing a missing tooth. An artificial tooth is used to fill the gap. It is made to match your natural teeth’s function. A fixed bridge can last more than a decade when set, making it a long-term solution for your dental issue.

Why Choose Porcelain

When you choose a porcelain fixed bridge, you can pick a color that mimics the color of your natural teeth. Porcelain is also quite durable. It is made using shells of ceramic, which can last a long time when bonded correctly. 

Is a Porcelain Fixed Bridge Right for You?

Your dentist will discuss with you the best treatment options for your tooth loss. They can advise if a fixed bridge is good for you or if another option works better for your mouth. Your dentist will examine the teeth next to the gap to determine if the treatment is adequate. They will make sure your teeth are in perfect shape to support the bridge. When your dentist makes the bridge, they will remove some enamel on the teeth to which the bridge will be attached to make sure they can insert the bridge. 

Things to Do After Your Treatment

Once the bridge is made, your dentist will test it to ensure it fits properly. You may need to visit your dentist twice before the bridge is cemented in place. When the bridge is set, ensure you brush your teeth two times every day. Also, flossing your teeth can help remove food left behind after you brush your teeth. Should you experience pain because of your bridge, call your dentist and have your concerns addressed as soon as possible. You may feel pain when the bridge needs to be tightened or it is too loose. Also, if you tend to grind your teeth when you sleep, you should talk to your dentist about getting a mouthguard.

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