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“You’ll know it once you’ll become a parent yourself” How many times had we heard it and then ignored it with a chuckle? Parenting is no less than rolling a Sisyphus’s stone, the only difference being that you get a big rest after a few years. There are tasks that feel hard, tasks that feel exhausting, tasks that make you puke, and whatnot! One such thing that most men, and sometimes women, find hard is changing a baby’s diapers. What good is there to feel good about? All is shit. But there are ways to gift you some ease. Confidenceclub Australia has some fantastic tips that you need to know more about.

Tips to change poopy diapers without feeling sick from ConfidenceClub!

The first thing you need to know is that it is your beloved baby. The next thing you need to know is that it is a necessity that we humans have been carrying all since. And then you must know that if you won’t go through this to clean your baby, then your baby will feel sick. Now, here are some times to create a behavioral change that won’t make you feel sick. It is just like the training that young recruits to face sudden and immediate threats – it makes them habitual to discomforts. So here is a list of tips based on neural science by Confidenceclub Australia –

Brace yourself for the impact with all things ready!

You must have all things ready by your side to take care of everything at once. Looking for things mid-way can create a sense of panic and things might go bad. What are the basic things that one might need?

  • New baby diaper (or baby cloth if you want to give baby some diaper free time).
  • Baby wipes (or cotton and lukewarm water)
  • Barrier cream (or rash cream) to help the baby get rid of those.
  • Dry sheets to put it below your baby. This will prevent any extra urine, if the baby urinates while you change the diaper, to go inside your bedding.

Use a mask to block the smell!

There is no need to smell the poop if it is making you sick anyhow. You may use a mask to block that extra smell that is knowing down your neurons. An extra advice that you’d want to know more about is that you may put some essential oil or scented agent on your mask. Confidenceclub Australia says that this will create a sense of all things being right. Consider it like a good friend that smiles sweet before but bitches within.

Vaporub has a strong smell and it can make you totally mused on its own smell alone. You may try it if you can handle it. Choose the amount you feel would be good for you. Never use heavily scented diapers as they will irritate the gentle skin of your baby.

Hum a song or music while you do it!

It will have two impacts: your baby will feel good about things going below him/her, and your mind will relate the cleaning activity with goodness. With time, you will stop feeling sick anymore because your mind would have related it all to goodness.

Clean with a thought that you are doing good to your baby!

Thoughts are 90% of what we are. There have been people who have treated their chronic ails by using positive thoughts alone. What you think gradually creates cerebral changes to your brain, which thus impacts your behavior. If you’ll think that the activity is sickening then things would be hard. Just think that your baby needs this care (just you had needed one when you were a baby) and feel like a parent that goes distances to keep their baby safe. Everybody feels sick the first time, but it gradually fades away, says Confidenceclub Australia. But habit takes shape with time and things go good. And then there are these tips to help you down in your journey.

Never forget to buy quality diapers for your baby that have been shaped using the softest and finest of the material. Your baby won’t be able to speak about the needless discomfort but you must take care of it anyhow. Know more about what makes baby diapers and pants good and how you can bring smile to your baby’s face using them.

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