Authentication Of Cross Addiction And Cross Dependence With Its Process

Cross addiction occurs when an addict gets dependant on a new drug or habit, either concurrently or during the recovery period. What does cross addiction and cross dependence mean, that if anyone recovers alcoholism but continues to smoke heavily, this may be considered a cross addiction. Cross dependency and interdependence are fundamentally the same thing. Remember that this is not the comparable as dual diagnosis.

What Is the Process of Cross Addiction?

The hypothesis of cross addiction is founded in part on the belief that persons who have previously struggled with drug abuse are more likely to develop new addictions. This makes theoretical sense since alcoholism is a sickness that affects the reward circuits in the brain.

This theory has some scientific backing. Some people, for example, may have “bridge” to sugar and alcohol, according to study. This might cause someone who no longer drinks to want sweets and develop a food addiction.

Is There Such a Thing as Cross Addiction?

Cross addiction for years and feasible, but it might not be as common as you think. One 2014 study looked into whether those in recovery are more likely to acquire another addiction in the future. Over 34,000 individuals were questioned at the start of the study and again three years later.

Those who effectively benefited from a drug use disorder were considerably less likely to struggle with a cross dependency after three years than those of us who did not benefit from their initial dependency, according to the findings. According to the experts, this consequence is partly due to the coping abilities that come with rehabilitation. This is not to argue that cross-dependence does not occur in the recovery process. 

Prevention, on the other hand, isn’t always feasible for everyone. For example, one individual may be unable to binge drink without becoming intoxicated, but may be able to use cannabis on occasion. Moderate marijuana usage may assist that one-of-a-kind individual alleviate anxiety and facilitate recovery to alcohol, while generating less side effects than drinking. As another illustration, someone who has a history of stimulant dependence may be able to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine from time to time without experiencing any problems.


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