Are you a new vaper? Following are a few Dos and Don’ts

while vaping aids in smoking cessation, some people like vaping as a pastime. There may appear to be a lot to learn when you first start vaping.
This is a concise primer to the dos and don’ts of vaping, perfect for those who are new to the habit or simply want a refresher. You’ll have a better vaping experience if you heed these 16 advice pieces for beginners.

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Vaping allows users to mix and match various devices, such as tanks, mods, coils, and juices. Experimenting with different devices, such as MTL and DTL, and trying different tanks like refillable pods, RDA, and RTA, can help find the perfect vaping system.

Choosing the right vaping device depends on your needs, whether you’re a beginner or quitting smoking. For nic salt juices, consider pod systems like the EQ FLTR Pod, providing a cigarette-like feel. For thicker clouds, the MVP5 AJAX 120W vape starter kit offers a higher power output than other box mods, making it an ideal choice for vapers.

Switching to vaping may initially cause discomfort, but it is normal to feel unwell. Vaping replaces nicotine in cigarettes, but the body is used to receiving other chemicals. After a few days, the chemicals will cycle out. To maintain a better vaping experience, keep your vaping device clean, store e-liquids properly, and change flavors occasionally.

Vaper’s tongue, a common problem, occurs when taste buds and olfactory glands need a break, but it only lasts a couple of days and can be resolved by switching flavors. Practice proper oral hygiene, brushing teeth and tongue thoroughly, especially when using sweetened e-juice flavors. Vaping poses fewer oral health risks than smoking cigarettes, as cigarettes contain toxic ingredients. Overall, vaping is a better choice for those looking for an alternative to smoking.


  1. Disobey smoking rules in establishments that allow smoking.
    2. Avoid vaping in closed spaces, as vape devices emit thicker clouds.
    3. Use a mini vape pod like the I.O Pod Vape Kit for stealthy vaping.
    4. Avoid charging your device overnight, as it can wear out the battery and cause damage.
    5. Use vape kits with overcharge protection or faster devices like the GoMax Tube.
    6. Stay hydrated to prevent dehydration and avoid vaping dehydration.
    7. Avoid chain vaping, as it can burn coils and cause dry hits.
    8. Wait 15-30 seconds before puffing again, and buy e-juice with a higher nicotine level to avoid dry hits.
    9. Don’t go back to smoking as long as you’re vaping. Smoking has more side effects and toxic ingredients than vape juices.
    10. Switch to a higher nicotine strength e-liquid to experience the same nicotine high without going back to smoking.

Reduce the nicotine level of your vape juice gradually until you’re no longer addicted to nicotine. This method is effective but takes time and patience, especially if you’ve been smoking for a long time.

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