Aim And Length Of The Detox Process For Addiction Recovery Treatment

When people decide to fight their addiction, they have to go through the detoxification process. It is the essential first step of their addiction recovery treatment. Detoxification is a process that removes all the possible traces of drugs and alcohol from the body. The detox process ensures that the person is physically stable and can begin with their rehab treatment.

The detox process starts with the medical assessment. Later comes withdrawal symptoms. Medication and around-the-clock support are also part of the detox process.

The completion of the detox program is the stepping stone to go rehabilitation at alcohol addiction rehab La Mesa, CA. Genesis Recovery, the rehab facility providing spiritual therapeutic treatment, considers detox as the starting point of a patient’s journey towards their recovery. Genesis Recovery includes detoxification in their faith-based 12-step clinical treatment process.

Before you start your rehab, you must know about the aim of the detox program, how long it will take, and the factors influencing the detox program. You will find all these details in this article, so read on.

The aim of the detox process

Detoxification is the way to control and reduce the negative effects of withdrawal symptoms. The detoxification process also makes the recovery process as comfortable and safe as possible for the patient. Medical detox achieves the most effective detoxification results. The process takes place under the support and assistance of trained specialists.

The detox process usually happens under the guidance of doctors, nursing, and other health care professionals within a specialist detox facility or center. You need specialized medical assistance to achieve effective results of detoxification. It is not something you can achieve on your own.

Instead, many people experience unnecessary withdrawal symptoms and become demotivated because of their failed detox attempts.

The length of the detox program

When it comes to the length of the program, there is no specific duration for it. It usually takes 3, 5 or 7days to detox. The time detoxification will take differs from person to person.

The different substance stays for a different period of time and affects detox time for other substances. Usually, it takes about 7days for an individual to detox drugs. However, cravings may continue for months afterward.

It is not a substitute for any necessary therapy or rehab process.

The length of the detox program also depends on the following factors –

  • Which substance was the user taking?
  • If it is the case of multiple substance abuse?
  • How often was the user taking it?
  • The existence of any underlying co-occurring mental health conditions
  • The medical history of the user

Factors like gender and age also play a crucial part in the detox process.

Detox is an integral part of drug or alcohol abuse recovery treatment. It is the starting point of your journey, not your destination. Detoxification solely cannot address your addiction-related psychological, behavioral, and social problems. You have to understand this fact. Detox does not produce any behavioral changes you need for your recovery.

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